Portable Air Conditioner – Know More About It

Portable air conditioners are used to cool the parts of the room or building and can easily be moved around as they are mounted on wheels. These units do not require permanent installations on the window and they are the substitute for central air conditioners. Mostly, portable air conditioners are installed where extra cooling is required such as Computer server rooms, hospitals and small meeting rooms.


The basic working of these units is similar to those of traditional air conditioners. They have compressor and use Freon gas to remove the heat from the air and the hot air is vented through a hose. These units have water reservoir so that portable-air-conditioners are used to collect condensation from the air collected.
There are basically four types of portable air conditioners depending upon the working and designs:
• Single hosed Units
• Dual Hosed Units
• Split Units
• Heat and cool Units


They have several advantages over windows air conditioners. They can be taken anywhere where there is not window for the installation of windows air conditioners. They are very easy to manage and there is no need for special wiring. These units can be plugged into standard household outlet.

panasonic ac 1 ton 3 star Disadvantages:-

These movable units have disadvantages as well. They can be easily shifted from one place to another; however, portable AC are heavy and large to carry. These are meant to server smaller rooms and you may have to find appropriate space for portable ac as they need to vent the air. Also, you may need to manually empty the water reservoir from time to time. These units are more expensive than windows air conditioners.

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